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Exploration is the magic key to ensure the long-term viability of the mining industry in any project, if you want to reach the target (profit) you must start in the right way.

EMCG team focuses on the investigations of rock mass characterization by collecting the necessary data about the affecting factors.

  • For Mineral Exploration

    Our services in the different stages of the mineral exploration life cycle can be summarized as follow:

    • Exploring large areas and mapping the visited locations.
    • Geochemical sampling programming.
    • Satellite photos analysis to locate the best places to be explored.
    • Geophysical surveys and interpret the results.
    • Mapping the outcrops and showings.
    • Geotechnical block model.
    • Developing a 3D geological model.
    • Making social and environmental studies to show mineral exploration impacts.

  • For geotechnical Investigation

    We have significant experience in geotechnical investigations and our services can be summarized as follow:

    • Geotechnical data collection and interpretation.
    • Geotechnical investigation program design and management.
    • Slope stability analysis.
    • Rock mass classification using different techniques (Rock engineering systems (RES) approach, rock mass rating, rock quality designation (RQD), geological strength index (GSI)…etc.).
    • Core logging and collecting samples for laboratory testing. Geotechnical and geological mapping, and 3D photogrammetric analysis.
    • Structural geology evaluation.
    • Rock mass strength and statistical analysis.
    • Geotechnical block model.
    • Foundation, lateral support, and retaining wall design.
    • Geotechnical risk and geological hazards assessment.

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gis expert

The GIS services rendered by EMCG are:

  • Data collecting :

    • Field observation
    • Topographic maps
    • Satellite images
    • Aerial photographs
    • Ground surveys data
    • Historical maps digitization
    • Government reports
    • Research publications

  • Database design:

    Designing the GIS database at the beginning of any project is a vital component of the successful GIS strategy and a suitable data model is required or needed to store, query and manage the two different types of data (Geographical and spatial data).

  • Data Analysis :

    Analyzing the input data is very useful to get new information for decision making. We can analyze the data by using different types of analysis techniques such as:

    • Statistical analysis
    • spatial analysis
    • Engineering analysis
    • Predictive analysis

  • 3D Modelling:

    Nowadays, 3D modeling is the language of the century in many different engineering applications. models give you a wide view and in turn, it will help you to make the right decision. Our team has the needed experience to transform the real world to the virtual world (3D model) to help you while taking your decision.

  • Web GIS application:

    Utilizing ArcGIS Online technology and a new GIS Server, the GIS team has created a number of Web Maps and Web Applications that are hosted both in the cloud (ArcGIS Online) as well as on the web Server.

  • Technical report and mapping :

    We have the needed experience and the long history in preparing such reports in a way that will enrich your brain to take the proper decision easily.

    • Preparing different types of charts (Histogram, pie chart, bar chart and line chart) for reporting.
    • Preparing different types of map layout with distinct forms (electronic, hard copy and animated)

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land & mine surveying

EMCG staff ready to make serverl tasks in land and mine surveying such as locate buildings, roads, and utilities for real estate developers, or measure the exact limits of mining claims, and mark their locations on the maps.

  • Setting out ground control points.
  • Topographic mapping.
  • Exploration grids, and Profiles.
  • Quantity Surveying for Volume control.
  • Field Surveying, and perparing general layouts.
  • Internal plans, sections,and elevations.
  • Traversing.
  • Quarries, and Mines survey (Open-pit & underground).
  • Infrastructures survey.

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EMCG utilizes the latest technologies and software solutions providing a complete mining consulting service that includes: drill-hole sampling system design, Geostatistical Analysis, Feasibility Study, Open-Pit Mine Design, Underground Mine Design, Production Planning and Optimization, Grade Control and Mine Plant Design.

  • Drill-hole Sampling System Design:

    Utilizing the geologic and geophysical analysis on designing a sampling system that bests describes the potential orebody under study.

  • Geo-statistical Analysis:

    Analyzing the continuity and isotropy of the mineralization using the latest techniques of geo-statistics and estimating the total reserve tonnage and grades.

  • Feasibility Study:

    Evaluating the economic potential of the mineralization using the latest techniques of economic and financial analysis.

  • Open-Pit Mine Design:

    Utilizing the latest algorithms and software solutions in finding the ultimate pit design. This service also includes slope design and transportation ramps and road design within and outside the pit.

  • Underground Mine Design:

    Designing the underground mine layout: adits, shafts, rooms, pillars, longwall panels, entries, and selecting the mining equipment.

  • Production Planning and Optimization:

    Creating a production schedule (annual, semi-annual, quarter annual) for the mineralization extraction process under the different kinds of constraints (economic, equipment, production rate … etc.).

  • Grade Control:

    Designing a sampling system during the production phase and continuously modifying the production plan and schedule to meet the ore/impurities concentrations.

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mine ventilation solutions

EMCG staff ready to resolve your ventilation issues in a timely manner. We have members available for both design the full ventilation layouts and work on-site existing issues. This leads to lower downtime and more cost savings for you.(we use professional software like Vent-sim and fire-sim...etc.).

EMCG offers these services:

  • Air distribution layout for mine airways :

    Calculate the suitable quantity of fresh air for the working face and the direction of it and the direction of vitiated air.

  • Dust control :

    analyze the outcome dust and dilute it to be under TLV.

  • Control of inert gases :

    Measure the inert gases and dilute it to be under TLV.

  • Fire simulation scenarios and escape routes :

    • Assume different fire scenarios according to different sources of sparking and ignition.
    • calculate the new distribution of air and directions.
    • calculate the spreading of fir contaminant gases during time.
    • give escape routes for different fire scenario and make a prediction of time for evacuation.

  • Tunnel ventilation :

    Calculate and design of tunnel ventilation systems using a different modelling approach.

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EMCG provide technical courses and software tutorials for geologists, mining engineers, fresh graduates and students. We integrate the theoretical academic knowledge of the basic science of mining with technical expertise. This is achieved via project based learning used by the EMCG trainers.

EMCG courses :

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